Crypto Ecosystem Portfolio. Returns (June/July)

3 min readJul 20, 2021

As you have probably noticed, June-July has been a hell of a bloody month for the crypto space which has managed to loose 400 Billion in market cap, from 1,7 Trillion on 16/06 to 1,3 Trillion at 18/07.

Bitcoin is down 51% and Ethereum 56,5% from ATH and have had performances of -21,8% and -27% respectively over this month.

Despite severall fell offs, market has been moving side-ways, and an important leg up-or-down is expected to mark if the bull run continues or bear market approaches…

Our portfolio has been doing arguably good, and offered a return of -14,32%, Beating by far Bitcoin and Ethereum again. Thanks to diversification and some good tokens that have managed to save our portfolio.

Disclosing returns by sector, Data related market has been significantly outperforming with a positive return of 2,9%.

Way further down we encounter the typical returns almost all coins have suffered, with Layer 1 Platforms having a -15,05% return. And DeFi & Bitcoin have been lagging behind returning both -22%.

DeFi has wrecked the portfolio. 71% of total returns of -14,32% have come from DeFi (-10,17%) as almost half the portfolio is composed on DeFi assets (42,5%)

Notable movers have been.

  • Constellation with a 315% price increase, saving our portfolio and earning more than 6,3% of the total returns.
  • Sandbox. 111%, for still NFT uptrend, and several partnerships and Land sales. (The Walkind Dead Experience x Sandbox).
  • Tomochain. 53,4% on an uptrend since june 28, where it partnered with Vietnam Gov to secure certificates and diplomas on-chain.
  • Compound. 25,25% for launching compound treasury for institutions at a fixed 4% APR.
  • Phala. 18,25% for securing one of first’s Kusama parachain auctions.
  • API3 16,4% because of DAO management & Staking launch.
  • Quant. 18,3% for it’s listing on coinbase.

But the negative ones, have been hit hard.

  • Bondly. -81,5% due to recent hack.
  • Alchemix. -59,1% still recovering to last month exploit of alETH.
  • Defidollar -58% & KeeperDao -57,25%. Low market cap, highly volatile still. ibBTC gaining traction and MEV increasing it’s visibility and relevance.
  • Polkadot (-48,7%) & Kusama (-53,75%) despite current parachain auction and high token demand.
  • Oraichain -46% despite launching new product aiRights for NFTs. (1,5 Mil Market Cap and +300% price increase of $AIRI in 3 weeks).
  • Polygon. (-42,8). Despite way new dapps been moved to Polygon chain, but TVL has shrinkked from 10,4 Billion to 6,5 Billion.
  • Liquity -44,6%. 22 Mil Market Cap with more than 2,5 Bilion TVL on protocol and a stablecoin with a market cap of 750 Mil. It will catch up.
  • Orion -44,5%,1Inch -40,3% & Thorchain -38,8% where DEX volumes have dried up, with more than 50% less trading volume since last month.

That should be all for now, as always don’t forget to DYOR and stay safe.

We’ll see you on the next one!