Liquidity Protocols News & Updates (Nov-Dec)

With the market as it is. A good option is to look for robust platforms, that keep growing, building and execute for the community.

Liquidity protocols are essential for DeFi. Liquidity is needed and these protocols helps by optimizing it, being bridging, wrapping, routing…

And as you can see, they’re good builders! Attracting Billions on Volume and TVL

Check the announcements and what they’ve been up to lately.

Ren $REN


Popsicle $ICE

0x $ZRX

1inch $1INCH

Orion $ORN


A year in review / Development Update

Host-2-Host, A New Era

Bridge 25 assets to 7 blockchains


VarenX x Ren


Year on review


stSOL and it’s integrations

Referral program to Solana

stMATIC alpha

18% of ETH is staked on Lido

Makerdao integrates stETH

Lido to use Chainlink price feed

Raise the caps

Bug Bounty enhancement

ORION Protocol

Year in Review

7,5% of Supply burned (~$45M)

Orion x Moonpay

Towards decentralization



IDOs to Orion x Poolz


Farming Update

Popsicle on Polygon Network


Sorbetto Feedback & Stats

Hack Repayment

100k Just-In-Time Liquidity (JIT) MEV attack



2021 Recap

$175M Series B round by: Jane Street, VanEck, Fenbushi Capital, Alameda Research, Celsius, Nexo, Tribe Capital and Gemini Frontier Fund.

Burned ETH

The road to Decentralization

$600k on Grants

0x Protocol


0x Limit Orders goes multichain (ETH, MATIC, BSC)

0x x Celo

Ecosystem Updates


Polygon Wallet Swap powered by 0x API

Interview w/ DappRadar

Interview w/ Matcha




Researching for new and clever ways to invest.

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Researching for new and clever ways to invest.

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