The Crypto Ecosystem Portfolio. Assets

5 min readJun 8, 2021

If you haven’t read part I (Sectors) of the series, you should keep an eye on it.

So, I’ll present you the portfolio with the assets, allocation, market cap and weighted market cap by sector.

Total Assets:76

Big Caps (+1B). 26 Projects

Mid Caps (100–950M). 34 Projects.

Low Caps. (>100M). 16 Projects.

I have chosen the following assets because of their value proposition, their tokenomics, the team and ecosystem and partners. Each one of those +75 assets has a thorough research behind and has been compared to other projects with similar visions. I think those assets are well positioned to be leaders on their niches. And opening new and exciting ways of use blockchain not even imagined.

Here you have the YTD Returns of the Portfolio.

So let me present them,

In Layer 1, Smart Contracts Platforms i have chosen the following assets.

Terra ($LUNA). Cosmos SDK based PoS DeFi centered chain.

Cardano ($ADA). PoS based blockchain

Polkadot ($DOT). Substrate based PoS Interoperable and scalable blockchain.

Kusama ($KSM). Polkadot’s Canary Net with more flexibility and faster governance.

Fantom ($FTM). Directed Acyclic Graph and EVM compatible with gubernamental solutions.

Avalanche ($AVAX). High throughput and interoperable EVM compatible ecosystem.

Elrond ($EGLD). Fast and secure internet scale blockchain.

Solana ($SOL). High finality chain. Backed by FTX and Alameda.

Quant Network ($QNT). Interoperability among any blockchain with Overledger and top partnerships.

Cosmos ($ATOM). Ecosystem of dapps created on Cosmos SDK and interoperable by IBC.

Polygon ($MATIC). Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution

Algorand ($ALGO). High level platform to create next generation applications.

Tomochain ($TOMO). PoS consensus, EVM Compatible and Privacy enabled chain.

Hedera Hashgraph($HBAR). High throughput and scalable chain. With high quality partnerships.

Hathor ($HTR). Dual PoW and DAG based, scalable and easy-to-use chain.

Kardiachain ($KAI). Interoperable blockchain infrastructure to connect with other chains.

Constellation ($DAG). DAG based layer_0 blockchain with high end partnerships.

On Data Based assets.

Graph Protocol ($GRT). Indexing blockchain Data and API’s. Like Google.

Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN). Unlocks and monetizes the value of Data.

Syntropy Net ($NOIA). Distributed secure and optimized Internet protocol.

AllianceBlock ($ALBT).Compliance Layer & bridge between TradFi and DeFi.

Energy Web ($EWT). Any energy asset to participate on any energy market. ($ALEPH). Blockchain agnostic & multichain Distributed Cloud Computing and Storage.

Basic Attention Token ($BAT). Digital Advertising ecosystem and browser.

Arweave ($AR). Store Data, documents and applications forever.

Filecoin ($FIL). Distributed PoW Storage Network. ($FET). Artificial Intelligence systems on blockchain.


Chainlink ($LINK). Ethereum based Oracle. Price Feeds, Randomness and API’s

Band Protocol ($BAND). Blockchain-Agnostic PoS Oracle. Cosmos SDK based.

UMA Protocol ($BAND). Limit-less Derivatives & Optimistic Oracle.

Oraichain ($ORAI). Artificial Intelligence Data powered Oracle on Blockchains.

API3 ($API3). First party data Oracles.

Digital Information Asset ($DIA). PoS multichain Oracles for DeFi.

Tellor ($TRB). PoW sybil resistant Ethereum based Oracle.

On DeFi Based assets.

Decentralized Exchanges:

Thorchain ($RUNE). Trade any asset between any chain with Impermanent Loss protection.

Sushiswap ($SUSHI). Community-governed protocol with DEX, Yield Farming, Money markets, launchpad, xSUSHI.

Balancer ($BAL). Automated Portfolio Management and trading with Impermanent Loss protection.

Bancor ($BNT). Single-side Liquidity, Impermanent Loss protection and vBNT..

1Inch ($1INCH). Smart routing engine DEX aggregator, chain agnostic and multichain.

Injective ($INJ). Layer 2 DEX with unlimited markets.


Orion Protocol ($ORN). CEX & DEX liquidity aggregator.

Ren Protocol ($REN). Multichain bridge through various assets

0x ($ZRX). Liquidity routing aggregator for DeFi

Money Markets:

Aave ($AAVE). Multichain Borrow & Lend with Flash Loans support.

Compound ($COMP). Autonomous interest rate protocol on Ethereum.

Anchor Protocol ($ANC). Stable yields powered by PoS assets.

Cream Finance ($CREAM). Multichain lending protocol, with Iron Bank and Flash Loans support.

Liquity. ($LQTY). 0% Interest Rate Lending protocol against Ethereum.

Unilend ($UFT). Multichain lending and trading protocol with Flash Loans support

Alchemix ($ALCX). Future Yield tokenization with loans that repay themselves.


Synthetix ($SNX). Synths creation on native token. Ethereum based and crypto focused.

Mirror Protocol ($MIR). Synths creation on stablecoin. Tendermint based and equities focused.

Linear Finance ($LINA). Cross chain synths creation on native token.

Jarvis Network ($JRT). Built with UMA, creation of limitless derivatives. Focused on Forex Market.


Coti Network ($COTI). DAG based payment systems and wallets focused.

Swipe Network ($SXP). Crypto Credit card infrastructure.

Utrust ($UTK). Merchant crypto payments processor.

MobiePay. ($MBX). Banking and trading accounts.

Bondly ($BONDLY). Social P2P Payments, escrow payments & Launchpad.

NFT & Gaming

Bondly ($). NFT marketplace, NFTswap, BondProtect.

Enjin ($ENJ). Gaming NFT

Decentraland ($MANA). Digital world, metaverse.

The Sandbox ($SAND). Digital world, metaverse.

Phantasma ($SOUL). NFT & Gaming focused chain.

Ultra ($UOS). Decentralized entertainment & gaming distribution like Steem.


Terra ($LUNA). Stablecoin ecosystem with dual token economy.

Reserve ($RSR). Algorithmic stablecoin focused on hyperinflationary economies.

Maker ($MKR). Over collateralized biggest decentralized stablecoin.

mStable ($MTA). Interest bearing assets. mUSD, mBTC

DeFiDollar ($DFD). Meta stablecoin index. Interest Bearing Bitcoin.

Yield Aggregators.

Yearn Finance ($YFI). Yielding strategies on any asset & Ecosystem.

Alpha Finance ($ALPHA). Leveraged Yield Farming.

BadgerDao ($BADGER). Bitcoin strategies.

KeeperDao ($ROOK). Arbitrage Strategies.


Nexus Mutual ($NXM). Ethereum crypto insurance. Programed token price based on performance.

Nsure ($NSURE). Multichain insurance risk trading marketplace and capital mining.

Union ($UNN). Collateral Optimization Protection for capital efficiency and multi-token model.

Bridge Mutual ($BMI). Decentralized multichain coverage protocol.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Why is not Ethereum on the Portfolio?

It is because of Blockchain Composability. Thanks to it, we can still be invested in a diverse range of protocols without owning it directly.

Perhaps the most clear example is with Ethereum. Currently sitting at #2 in Market cap. We can obtain indirect exposure by owning some of the most fruitful of its dapps. Like for example Chainlink, Aave, Yearn, Makerdao, Sushiswap and Synthetix.

In Ethereum DeFi TVL top 25 we have 16 assets where we are invested on. With a combined TVL of more than 52B of the 65,7B on DeFi.

For that reason I think it could be overbetting owning ethereum if we already own the big and best movers on their network.

What do you think about it? Whould you change assets? Why? Let me know on twitter. @fuuurma

Any of these is Financial advise and you should always do your own research on it.

Stay Tuned!