The Crypto Ecosystem Portfolio Update

2 min readNov 15, 2021


Today I am making several tweaks to the portfolio. Which I think are going to improve its results and make it better suited for the emerging trends that constantly occur on crypto.

Major changes are:

  • Double betting on the multi chain ecosystem. On the v1 we mostly held native Layer 1 Tokens like SOL, AVAX or FTM… Now as such markets matures and new projects flourish on them, I am investing on well suited projects on such chains. Mostly DEX’s and Money Markets.
  • DeFi 2.0 Assets. Innovation, Composability and Liquidity. The DeFi money legos have made surge new projects like Abracadabra or OlympusDAO that now have fit on the portfolio and are important pieces of the ecosystem.
  • CEXs. Even though they aren’t strictly DeFi, most retail users are the first touch they have on crypto and lots will stay on them. BNB & FTT.
  • Data sector I have excluded some assets like Filecoin or Arweave and left others which I think have still much more upside like Syntropy or Ocean.
  • Insurance is out. Maybe still a little early for them. But I still think they have potential and recommend to use their products and hedge risks on DeFi.

So, after the rebalance the portfolio will be as follows:


DEX’s -Anyswap, Uniswap, Trader Joe, Pancakeswap, Quickswap, Raydium and Pangolin.

Money Markets: Benqi, Geist and Venus

Yield Aggregators: Convex, Keep3r and Beefy

Sinthetics: Dydx

Liquidity: Popsicle, Lido

Stable Coins: Abracadabra, Tribe

Currencies: OlympusDAO



Unilend, Jarvis, Nexus, Bridge, Union, Nsure, Bondly, Mobie, Arweave, FetchAI, BAT, Filecoin, Phala, Tellor, Phantasma, Cardano, Tomochain.

So after the update we are now holding a portfolio of 87 assets. Which have a total market cap of $435 Billions (excluding BTC & ETH) and DeFi projects holding $175 Billions of value in assets.

I´ll break down the metrics of the projects and why I am investing on them in the following posts…

Also I am working on an NFT portfolio and an All weathers portfolio. Which i’ll publish soon too.

So stay tuned!